Rimini and surroundings.

Rimini Marina Centro is the heart of summer in the city, not far from the historical center. The short distance of only 1.5 km from the train station can be covered by bus or with a walk through  the seafront boulevard, rich of fashion boutiques, restaurants, coffee shops and bars.

This is an extremely flourishing tourist area since old times. A business focused on night life, amusement parks and shops.

Rimini area has received national and international celebrities and aristocrats and that over time has expanded its faceted culture.

From the Hotel Villa Caterina it is easy to reach the port and the end of the pier to watch the horizon and enjoy an unique view, you can sip a cocktail at sunset to enrich a holiday of relaxation and fun.

A rich and varied environment which is home to people of all ages, single and families or group of friends, who can take advantage of many different services.

Federico Fellini is the character for excellence in Rimini, in every corner of the city and its businesses, right in Marina Centro, you can find a number of streets dedicated to this great artist.

Rimini has been the perfect location of a lot of Italian movies, filming the summer holidays of the 70’s – 80’s, for example the famous Rimini Rimini of Sergio Corbucci.

The Surroundings.

The hinterland of Rimini offers many interesting routes that lead to the discovery of unspoiled landscapes, art treasures and historical sites.

Just move a few miles to reach the beautiful Republic of San Marino, one of the oldest and smallest states in the world, with its medieval towers, the Basilica of the Holy Monastery of St. Clare, the Door of the Church of San Francesco, Titan’s square and Freedom Square with the panoramic terrace .

Going down in the beautiful Marche,  Gradara Castle is a magnificent example of military architecture of the fourteenth century. The legend says that was the place of the love story of Paolo and Francesca;  Dante Alighieri told in his Divine Comedy.

The small town of Gradara, around the castle is really nice and has become location for events and folkloristic events. It is possible to visit the castle, and request a guide for the site.

Following the river Marecchia, in to the north west of Rimini , and not far from Montebello , following the valley to discover and to visit are the towns of Torriana, Verrucchio and Santarcangelo di Romagna.

Not far from Rimini, at the back of San Marino, you can discover San Leo (more or less 30 km far) a village built on a huge rock with an impressive Fort on its highest point. The visit to San Leo is unforgettable, it offers one of the most beautiful views of the whole territory.

Activities on Beach.

Rimini beach is the ideal place where you can organize Team Building activities and group games on the beach as: Beach Volley Championships and Beach Tennis, Beach golf courses and swimming competitions, or tours with pedal boats. It is also possible to attend courses Kitesurf, Windsurf and day trips by boat on the Adriatic coast.

Amusement Parks.

Why not spend a day of fun to Aquafan, Fiabilandia and Mirabilanida, Italy in Miniature Park or the famous Oltremare? We will think of everything. Don’t hesitate to ask us.

Night Life.

We can book your evening in one of the Dancing on the Adriatic coast with pre-sales or reservations tables at your choice of: Pasha, Peter Pan, Villa Delle Rose, Baia Imperiale, Cocorico, and many other beautiful locations on the sea .

You can ask us and have all the information to book your night.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Hotel for more informations about what to do in Rimini!